For information on my current work, please see my webpage at Imperial.





  • igneous geologist with strong background in chemistry

  • experience in wet and dry laboratories

  • excellent English oral and written communication, including editing and proof-reading. Fluent German; everyday French.

  • comfortable in Windows and Linux environments; familiar with LaTeX typesetting, Mathematica/Maple, ArcGIS/QuantumGIS/JOSM, ImageJ, HTML, CSS; basic Matlab/Octave, Javascript, Perl, Python.


M.E. Newcombe, A. Brett, J.R. Beckett, M.B. Baker, S. Newman, Y. Guan, J.M. Eiler, E.M. Stolper. (2017) Solubility of water in lunar basalt at low pH2OGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta200:330-352.

J. Prytulak, A. Brett, M. Webb, T. Plank, M. Rehkämper, P.S. Savage, J.D. Woodhead (2017) Thallium elemental behavior and stable isotope fractionation during magmatic processes. Chemical Geology, 448:71-83.

M. Edmonds, A. Brett, R.A. Herd, M.C.S. Humphreys, and A. Woods (2014) Magnetite-bubble aggregates at mixing interfaces in andesite magma bodies. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 410:SP410-7.

M. Kersten, T. Xiao, K. Kressig, A. Brett, B.J. Coles, and M Rehkämper (2014) Tracing anthropogenic thallium in soil using stable isotope compositions. Environmental Science & Technology, 48:9030-9036.


Autumn 2012 Research project, University of Cambridge

Role of Fe-Ti oxides in pre-eruptive gas storage. Supervised by Marie Edmonds. Mathematical modelling to determine bubble life-cycle within chamber; quantitative analysis of SEM images to investigate presence of neutral-buoyancy crystal-bubble aggregates as novel mechanism for storage. Use of SEM, electron microprobe.

Autumn 2011 Research project, University of Cambridge

Solidification of the Sept-Iles intrusion. Supervised by Marian Holness. Study of clinopyroxene-plagioclase-plagioclase dihedral angles as proxy for arrival of new minerals on liquidus. Use of universal stage, SEM, electron microprobe.

Summer 2011 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Caltech, USA

“Water on the Moon? A quantitative study of solubility” Stolper lab. Determination of equilibrium water concentrations in two synthetic melts, using one-atmosphere vertical-quench furnace and FTIR.


Scholarships and awards

2013 PhD studentship, MAGIC group, Imperial College London

2011 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, California Institute of Technology, US

2009 scholarship from Worshipful Company of Armourers and Braziers to support research at ETHZ, Switzerland

2009 elected Scholar, Trinity Hall


2008-2013 Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge

Natural Sciences Tripos (BA, MSci): 2.i

Earth Sciences with subsidiary Chemistry


2006-2008 Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

A-levels in Chemistry, German, Latin, Maths, Further Maths, Physics (all A grade)


Positions of responsibility

January 2012-present Volunteer,

Categorise incoming suggestions for features from users; improve documentation for developers; create patches in BML, HTML, CSS, Perl; mentor new volunteers/developers, including curating list of easy fixes as introduction to codebase.

2012-2013 Secretary, CUSU Disabled Students' Campaign

Organise meetings, create agenda, circulate minutes.

December 2011-June 2013 Trans* rep, CUSU LGBT+

Organised fortnightly socials; founded & administered the Harry Harris LGBT+ Library.

2011-2012 Secretary, University of Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra

Minuted meetings. Administered elections, interviews and auditions.

2010-2011 Chair, University of Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra

Chaired meetings, managed a 12-person committee, engaged conductors and soloists, set deadlines and drove punctual delivery, public speaking, planning and logistics.

2008-2010 Year representative, Teaching Liaison Committee, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge

Communicated student concerns and comments regarding course structure and teaching.


Further information

References available upon request.